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Dear students, thanks a lot for all of your efforts so far to get food Waste To Finish.
Thanks to chef Turaka and his team were able to create you
some extra breakfast items - please enjoy!

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When talking with the Chef we quickly found out that the chef is already implementing quite some initiatives to reduce Food Waste. To provide you with some examples:

  • The Leftover rice from the buffet will go to the porridge station the day after. Sometimes they also turn it into rice pancakes.

  • The Leftover bread was used in the ‘bread pudding’ we had for our coffee breaks in the morning. The chef mixed the bread with milk, agar-agar (a binding agent made out of seaweed) sugar and pudding powder.

  • The leftover glass noodles were used in the spring rolls and Dim Sum we had for snacks.

  • Leftover chicken was ‘pulled’ and used in spring rolls.

  • Leftover vegetables from the salad bar (carrot/ spring onion) are used in the Egg Station for omelets.

Hooray for chef Turaka and his Team!!

Your Menu

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