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OUT-PIE-ERS: Saying "Pie" To Food Waste

The project strived to collect “unwanted” apples and eggs, bake these ingredients into apple cakes, sell the cakes and donate the profits generated to charity. The team reached out to various farmers. Eventually, an agreement was reached with two farmers: Peters Fruithandel in Ingen agreed to donate up to 80kg of apples that had been rejected from being sold in a supermarket. Verbeek farm in Lienden donated up to 300 eggs that had also been rejected from the supermarket. With the ingredients crossed off the list, the team began to plan. Eventually, the team baked 140 apple cakes. These cakes were sold via pre-orders, within school facilities and on the Pure Market. The profits generated would be donated to charity.

Making Food Waste a piece of Cake...

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