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Joost de Vos

Executive Chef, Hotelschool The Hague

Joost de Vos is Executive Chef at Hotelschool the Hague (HTH). Before being employed at HTH Joost worked throughout the Netherlands at several Michelin star restaurants. Joost obtained his own Michelin star in 2003 as one of the youngest chefs ever in the Netherlands. In 2007, he made a career shift into education and joined HTH. Since then, Joost is a constant source of inspiration for students and colleagues through his co-curricular activities as a licensed hunter and beekeeper (maintaining 5 hives on HTH’s rooftop).

Driven by a commitment to broaden his knowledge and explore innovative culinary practices, Joost enrolled in a pioneering program in 2019 to become a 'gastronomical herbalist.' This two-year course, designed by a chef, herbalist, and doctor, delved into the health-supportive functions and gastronomical applications of wild plants.

Passionate about promoting sustainability and mindful eating, Joost has implemented the HTH 'LEARN' model, an approach aimed at encouraging the HTH community to make sustainable and nutritious menu choices.

With a focus to integrate theory and practice, Joost is a driving force in the Expertise Centre Food Circularity and in creating and implementing the ‘P.A.T.E assignment –an educational model that has been awarded as one of the top 3 ‘best innovation in an educational program’ at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2018.

Under Joost's guidance, student-driven P.A.T.E assignments have led to numerous impactful projects. These initiatives include transforming 4,000 kilograms of rescued tomatoes into soup, hosting thought-provoking discussion dinners with farmers, repurposing orange peels and coffee grounds to create soap, and crafting a delectable 'saved by the bell pepper' chutney. To explore further examples of these culinary endeavors, refer to this magazine.  

Joost de Vos
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